Second IEEE Workshop on Egocentric Vision





in conjunction with CVPR 2012




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- James M. Rehg (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA)

- Deva Ramanan (UC Irvine, USA)

- Xiaofeng Ren (Intel, USA)

- Alireza Fathi (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA)

- Hamed Pirsiavash (UC Irvine, USA)


Keynote speakers

- Takeo Kanade (CMU, USA)

- Hartmut Neven (Google, USA)

- Chen Yu (Indiana University, USA)

- Other speakers will be announced



Program committee

- Antonio Torralba (MIT, USA)

- Ian Reid (University of Oxford, UK)

- Bernt Schiele (Max Planck Institute, Germany)

- Charless Fowlkes (UC Irvine, USA)

- Andrew Davison (Imperial College London, UK)

- Laurent Itti (USC, USA)

- Greg Mori (Simon Fraser University, Canada)

- Stefan Carlsson (KTH, Sweden)

- Fernando De la Torre (CMU, USA)

- Yoichi Sato (University of Tokyo, Japan)

- Matthai Philipose (Microsoft Research, Seattle)

- Abhinav Gupta (CMU, USA)

- Walterio Mayol-Cuevas (University of Bristol, USA)

- Kris Kitani (CMU, USA)



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